A Real Conversation with Drue Langois’ #1 Fan

Chris Mayorfield is your typical American guy; he enjoys spending time with his family of three, and going on long walks with his dog, Joey. Mayorfield works at his local oatmeal plant in Kansas City, Missouri, where he counts each individual oat before it is packaged and sealed, to ensure every single oatmeal container meets the serving-size requirements in place by the FOO (Federal Oatmeal Organization). When I met with Mayorfield, however, it wasn’t to discuss his job, or his family; it was to discuss Drue Langois.

Langois is a YouTuber with over seven million views on his channel, as well as nearly 115,000 subscribers, and Chris Mayorfield claims to be his number one fan. “When I first found Drue’s channel, I was blown away,” Mayorfield told me, as we sat on his back deck, looking over a murky pond. Mayorfield had this dreamy look in his eyes as he told me about first discovering Langois’ channel; he seemed to be lost in his own head, as he relived the memory (one he probably thinks back on often). “Not only was it family friendly, accessible, and enlightening, but it felt raw and unique as well,” he continued. During our whole conversation, it felt as if Mayorfield was simply trying to meet a buzz word requirement for the day, or perhaps he had just learned some new adjectives and was desperate to incorporate them in his daily life. For being someone’s number one fan, he had very little to say beyond describing Langois as an “accessible” or “unique” creator.

“Drue’s use of animation really made me realize how uncreative the competition is, and I feel like I appreciate Drue even more because of that”
-Chris Mayorfield, SSN: 800-54-5454 (face blurred to protect Chris Mayorfield’s privacy)

“Drue’s use of animation really made me realize how uncreative the competition is, and I feel like I appreciate Drue even more because of that,” He told me, after a few seconds of silence. Mayorfield is certainly not wrong, Drue does seem to incorporate animation into many of his most successful videos (some would even go as far as to say he does more than just “incorporate” animation). “I feel like I appreciate Drue even more because of that,” Mayorfield said, finishing his thought on Langois compared to the competition. He then continued with “I mean, I think it’s safe to say that Drue has changed my life completely, and I’m a brand new man now.” Hearing that sentence provoked something inside me, and caught me completely off guard. It was not until that final remark that Mayorfield really proved to me his rank as the number one Drue Langois fan. Later that evening, as I drove home, I would find it impossible to come up with any celebrity or artist I considered truly and absolutely “life altering,” but as I stared into Mayorfield’s eyes, and he stared back into mine, I knew he meant it with his entire heart, mind, and soul.

As we wrapped up, I asked Mayorfield one final question, one I ask every fan I interview for the Real Conversation series: “If you could say one thing to this person, what would you say or ask?” Mayorfield’s answer was short, and to the point.

“Thanks Drue Langoo!”

for the video interview with Chris Mayorfield, click here.

By Slime Samson, 1/14/2020

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