MrMagnaFarce “Fan” Gets it all Wrong

Today, as part of the Real Conversation Series, I was given the chance to sit down with Mike Hedgefield, a massive fan of the YouTube account MrMagnaFarce. As a longtime journalist for the series, I have met nearly three thousand Real Fans© across the US and UK, and thoroughly enjoy the in-depth conversation I get to have with each and every one of them. That being said, however, after interviewing Hedgfield, I feel as if literally anyone on this planet would be considered a larger fan of MrMagnaFarce. 

We had the interview in my backyard, near the duck pond. Any longtime reader of the series will know I am still under house arrest following the interview with a Darryl and the Seven Rabid Skunks fan back in 2018, but Hedgefield seemed excited to know the location for the interview was set here. “I fucking love ducks,” he told me before the interview started, a statement which I completely agree with. In fact, it was the only statement I seemed to agree with in the entire time Hedgefield was over. 

Leading up to the interview, everything seemed perfectly normal, but as I began to ask Hedgefield questions about the channel he was so fond of, I began realizing he was either (A) not as big a fan as he previously implied or (B) had never even actually heard of MrMagnaFarce to begin with. “When I first found MrMagnaFarce’s channel, I was blown out of the park,” Hedgefield said, “I mean, this guy is family friendly, he’s enlightening, he’s entertaining, and he just feels raw and unique compared to the competition.” The entire quote seems (to me) to be just a massive compilation of baseless claims. “Family friendly” you say? Tell me, what specifically would you consider “family friendly” about MrMagnaFarce’s channel? Is it the video where a baby gorilla is murdered on live television? Is it the countless videos in which alcohol is either consumed or referenced? Or, maybe it is the video titled OVER 2 Minutes of That SEXY Bitch From the Ajit Pai Video on Loop +ASMR!!

“…this guy is family friendly, he’s enlightening, he’s entertaining, and he just feels raw and unique…”
-Mike Hedgefield, SSN: 414-22-9053 (face blurred to protect Mike Hedgefield’s privacy)

As MrMagnaFarce’s self-titled “#1 Fan,” I wonder whether Hedgefield is even aware of the since deleted MrMagnaFarce video, GAMER GURLZ, which invoked a (well deserved) strike from YouTube for being unapologetically and unnecessarily violent! Given his supposed undying support for the creator, you’d expect a fan like Hedgefield to know about these videos, and to recognize how utterly non-family friendly they are! Furthermore, I am perplexed by the statement “[MrMagnaFarce] feels raw and unique compared to the competition.” What competition? Who the fuck is making content like MrMagnaFarce? If Hedgefield had actually watched a single one of his videos, I believe he’d see some flaws in his own praise for the channel. The only “raw” thing about the content is the raw meat MrMagnaFarce slaps around for ten exhausting minutes in the video Babe… STOP!! (POV).

The nail in the coffin which confirmed Hedgefield’s complete lack of knowledge on the topic was his final statement. When asked what he might say to MrMagnaFarce if he ever met him, Hedgefield simply replied with the word “good.” I tried to allow room for elaboration, but Hedgefield said that was all he was interested in saying on the entire topic, and thus, that’s where the interview ended. 

for the video interview, click here.

By Matt Damon (not related to the actor), 3/22/2020

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