The “Real Fiction” Update


The team here at RC has been tirelessly working to bring quality content to the site as frequently as possible. Whether it be new additions to the RC Newsletter, updating the digital archive of past newsletters, video interviews, or creating something new altogether. That is why we are rolling out a new section for the website: Real Fiction (RF).

RF will serve as it’s own unique aspect of the Real Conversation website that is separate from the newsletter; a place in our small pocket of the internet for Real Authors to share their stories, both literally and metaphorically.

If you or a loved one has ever written, or ever plans to write any short-form fiction, then feel free to email it to us at our email address:

Following your submission, a team member will read it over and then upload it to the new Real Fiction section of the website: a location dedicated to showing off Real Authors’ work to both avid RC fans and newcomers alike.

To kick off this new and exciting milestone for the Real Conversation website, our first piece of Real Fiction will be a story called The Electric Spy which was written by a very special Real Fan, Darryl. And, as a bonus, an audiobook version of the story (read by the author himself) has been made available on Darryl’s YouTube channel as well (found here).

Thank you for being a Real Fan of everything our team is doing to keep the spirit of reality alive. Hopefully, we can see what YOU are doing to uphold that same spirit as well through RF submissions going forward.

-Slime Samson, journalist for the RC newsletter

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