The “Real Fiction” Update

Hello, The team here at RC has been tirelessly working to bring quality content to the site as frequently as possible. Whether it be new additions to the RC Newsletter, updating the digital archive of past newsletters, video interviews, or creating something new altogether. That is why we are rolling out a new section forContinue reading “The “Real Fiction” Update”

Superficial Supergroup’s Superfan

If you have been keeping up with my twitter account, than I am sure you are aware by now that I’ve been off the team for a few months (following a mental breakdown at work on Valentine’s Day*), but it is great to finally be back in the cockpit, and distract myself from the intenseContinue reading “Superficial Supergroup’s Superfan”

Spending a Minute with the Minute Hour’s #1 Fan

In the last three years, I have interviewed quite the list of Real Fans, such as Bob Learnings (#1 fan of the actor Kevin James) and Kevin James (#1 fan of the 2009 film Paul Blart: Mall Cop), but there is one fan in particular that has always slipped from my grasp: Leo Fieldrick. ThroughContinue reading “Spending a Minute with the Minute Hour’s #1 Fan”

A Real Conversation with Drue Langois’ #1 Fan

Chris Mayorfield is your typical American guy; he enjoys spending time with his family of three, and going on long walks with his dog, Joey. Mayorfield works at his local oatmeal plant in Kansas City, Missouri, where he counts each individual oat before it is packaged and sealed, to ensure every single oatmeal container meetsContinue reading “A Real Conversation with Drue Langois’ #1 Fan”

How This Slouch fan is Showing His Appreciation to the World

Valentine’s Day is always such a rough day to get through for me. I really just desire to be held throughout the night while 50 First Dates plays on repeat in the other room. On this particular Valentine’s Day I had to work, however, and thus spent my day interviewing a man by the nameContinue reading “How This Slouch fan is Showing His Appreciation to the World”

MrMagnaFarce “Fan” Gets it all Wrong

Today, as part of the Real Conversation Series, I was given the chance to sit down with Mike Hedgefield, a massive fan of the YouTube account MrMagnaFarce. As a longtime journalist for the series, I have met nearly three thousand Real Fans© across the US and UK, and thoroughly enjoy the in-depth conversation I getContinue reading “MrMagnaFarce “Fan” Gets it all Wrong”