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The Electric Spy

by Darryl (written when he was eight years old)

On a cold and stormy night in an old cabin-house, lives a man and his son who were out in the snow collecting firewood on a mountain.

In the dark house with only a few dim lights (and the staircase was broken a little) the old logs were snapping. The window was broken a little. And the son knew his dad was a spy. 

At daylight, the dad and his son would always go in the woods and hunt for breakfast. They would usually hunt for duck. Then they’d have to use their hard work to take all the insides out and would pluck the duck and cut the duck. And then they’d eat the duck. It was a very yummy breakfast. The son’s name was Alex. 

Alex liked to write books. And he was an artist and he was fifteen years old. His birthday was twenty-five days ago. Then, suddenly, the spy-kind-of message came in the mail. It was weird language. Spy-type of language. It said “oo-dee oo-da.” It meant “help us, please!” The rest of it said, “aw-noo, aw-nah,” which meant “we’re in Maine.”

Suddenly, his dad rushed to see it. Then, suddenly, he saw the rest of it. He and his son Alex were both reading it and saw that it said “oo-nick-nigh” which meant “on 14th Street in Augusta.” Then it said “oo-nigh oo0nuh” which meant “Alex’s cousin John” (who is now thirty years old and his younger sister is twenty-six. They were Alex’s cousins. John and his younger sister were spies, too. Alex’s dad and Alex were spies and Alex’s cousin was in danger! A spy was trying to destroy Maine with a highly explosive, 37 plasma rocket-launcher grenade ™-92. It can destroy any state in two seconds. “Oh no!” said Alex’s dad. His name was Silver-8. That was his code name. He didn’t have a real name, so people didn’t know he was a spy called him “John.” Alex’s code name was Kidspot Rainbow.

Suddenly, a flashing storm of thunder came upon them. They got into their secret storm cabin which was underground. Flash! Boom! Crash! The rain was coming upon them. They decided to watch the news under there. They had an underground TV in there and thirteen plug-ins. The storm of thunder crackled. Alex jumped out. Sudden;y, a lightning strike hit the TV and it blew up. John got caved in. He couldn’t get out now. Alex was on his own now. 

Alex remembered something his father said: whenever Alex’s father was in trouble, for Alex to use the diamond box. It had secret things inside. It had secret codes, secret books, and old jewelry.

The box looked like a toy box. It was painted in dark brown and had old diamond on the top. It had a locked lid on top, too, and the key was on the top shelf in Alex’s room. Alex went into his room and got the key and then went into his dad’s room and unlocked the lock and opened it up and found lots of jewelry and neat things inside. The old jewelry that he found cost $1,000. He also found the diamond books. Then he found the secret codes. One said “B93T.”

He said what the code said. He said “B93T.” Then, suddenly, a secret passage appeared from the wall. He got all the spy stuff. Then he went inside. He turned on the flashlight and found a button on the wall in the dark cave. He decided to press it. He wiped off the spider webs, then pressed the button.

Then, suddenly, another secret passage opened up full of lots of books. He picked one of the books off the shelf. It was a silver and gold one called “Nee-ta,” which was a secret spy-way of saying “secret book.” 

He opened up the book. It was by one of his great-great-great-grandfather’s named Nieneeto. Suddenly, a bat flew down. Alex shined the flashlight on it. Then the bat flew away. Alex was glad the bat flew away because it was a vampire bat. 

The bat flew into a tiny hole. Alex sat down on an old stone and began to read the book. He saw a picture of 

[sorry, we will not tell you who the picture was. We thought we would have a #2 sequel but we didn’t. Good-bye. This book’s over.]

Okay, okay – – we are going to have a number 2 but this is the end of this book. 

The End.

audiobook version of The Electric Spy found here.

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